Transplanting Field Day

Transplant Field Day- May 5 2015

We had the pleasure of spending a day with Kelsey and Ian on True Roots Organics' farm in Marsing, ID on May 5, 2015.  Kelsey and Ian represent the future of farming: they are young, energetic, and passionate about stewardship of the environment, and the quality of the food they grow. All of the produce grown is done using time-tested methods to ensure the highest quality organic produce available.  On this particular day we were transplanting roughly 15,000 onion and leek sprouts; by hand one at a time. 



Over the course of the day several members of their family came to the farm to help out any way they could; whether it be trimming and prepping the sprouts to be transplanted, planting, laying water lines, or by carrying good conversation.  They truly embody the American classic of the family farm; everyone does what they can to get the job done. 


The 2015 growing season is Kelsey and Ian’s first year back on the farm that Kelsey grew up on, however this land has been used to grow alfalfa for decades, and was certified organic at the end of last year. During the transplanting field day the Buy Extension team and volunteers were able to meet four generations of family members who were there participating and giving support and love. This was a great day for everyone involved!