Past Events

Artisan Speed Networking Event

 On September 25, 2014 Buy Extension hosted an Artisan Speed Networking Event at the Leaf Teahouse. There were 12 people in attendance representing artisans and small businesses that support artisans within the Boise area. It was a lot of fun to meet everyone and to learn about all of the great things happening. Thank you to all who attended! 

Transplanting Field Day

We had a fantastic transplanting filed day at the True Roots Organics' farm. With a team of 8 people planting and 6 people triming and prepping, we were able to transplant nearly 13,000 red and sweet onions and 3,000 leeks. 

Buy Extension is thrilled to have been part of this field day event, and to meet some fantastic people. Thank you True Roots Organics and everyone who was able to volunteer for the event.  To read more about the transplanting field day go to:

True Roots Organics Weeding Field Day

On July 9th, 2015 True Roots Oranics hosted Buy Extension for the second of three field days. The focus of this event was weeding and field maintenance. Throughout the day we weeded the onions, leeks, and potatoes. The next event will be a harvest day. Details to follow as the event draws near. Special thank you to True Roots Organics and all who were able to attend.


Ohana No-Till Field Day

On August 8th, Buy Extension and Ohana No-Till farm partnered to host a weeding field day. The primary focus of this event was to learn more about field maintanance. We have a fantastic turnout with six participants who all enjoyed themselves. Following the weeding portion of the event all participants learned how to clone tomato plants.  

Harvest Field Day

On October 17th, Buy Extension (BE) and True Roots Organics hosted a harvest field day, the third and final field day of the growing season. During this event nine participants learned how to harvest four different varieties of potatoes: yukon golds, fingerlings, purple vikings, and reds. 

After harvesting we all enjoyed a chef prepared dinner out on the farm, while watching a fall rain storm.

This was the last field day of the growing season. Thank you True Roots Organics for partnering with us over the year and teaching our particiapnts how to plant/transplant, weed/maintain, and harvest. We really enjoyed partnering with you and hope to continue working with you over the 2016 growing season.

Morning Owl Farm Greenhouse/Farm Tour

To kick-off our 2017 year, the Buy Extension (BE) team partnered with Morning Owl Farm to host an interactive greenhouse and farm tour. 

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