Happy New Year--Goodbye 2014, hello 2015!

The Holiday Season is a time to BE reflective, a time to BE present, and a time to BE thankful. For me, I plan to use this Holiday Season to honor the theme of Buy Extension: BE More, BE Local. What exactly does that mean? The brilliance of the phrase is that it can mean a variety of different things for a variety of different people. The Holidays give us an ability to look back on the year behind us and look forward to the year ahead. We can learn from our mistakes and begin planning for new beginnings, which allow us to strive to "BE More." But the pathway to being more can sometimes distract us from where we presently exist. We must remember that the ability to become more does not require us to leave behind what we have been. The ability to think globally does not require us to forget about foundations that we have built locally. 


How will you spend your time between this Holiday and the next improving yourself and the community in which you live? That simple question continues to drive me each year to BE More and to BE Local. And so I challenge you to create a plan, set goals, and strive to conquer them for the next 365 days. How will you motivate yourself to become a healthier and better version of yourself? How will you push yourself to improve the various communities that you take part in; professionally, personally, locally? How will you use everyday of this next year to ensure progress towards your goals? Below are a few of my own keys to success, and I encourage you to outline your own:



1. Set up a strong, local group of friends & family. The work we do is far from easy and often times despairing. Having a group of people who care about you is essential in maintaining positive morale and continued motivation to wake up everyday and push forward. 


2. Write, read, and reflect. This life is extremely complicated. I've learned to take any opportunity to expand my thoughts and explore new perspectives. The process really helps me slow down and make sure not to miss something important. Writing, reading, and constantly reflecting is one of my key recipes for success.


3. Be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Work ethic has proved to be extremely important in anything I have ever done, but it doesn't just apply to the professional realm. Showing up for early for events and being present throughout an entire activity can help build strong relationships and character.


4. Come Alive. One of my favorite quotes comes from Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Passion is one of the most powerful motivators; find yours, come alive, and never stop.

-From all of us at Buy Extension, Happy Holidays!