Lively Stock's Path

Buy Extension's very ownTreasurer, Seann Sweeney is also a published poet. February's blog post features one of Seann's poems (check out more of Seann's work at 



Lively Stock's Path


Calf growing, grass lengthening, morning dew and baby breath

Shadow of birds flying overhead, mother's milk

Mother's eyes, gateway to the soul of sacrifice

Stomach system of flour, flowing warmth

Rancher's Love, grazing patterns, noble butch


Bone marrow, life’s dessert

Osso buco, big apple, liver and heart, bones and stones

Protein of grass greatness, omega, oh Mega, omega

Rich fat, collagen, ligament, tendon, veins


Medium rare, dripping nutrients, sprinkle of sea salt

Steak knife working, cutting through it all, little by little

Last cut, letting go, free from hanging on

First bit, 44 unique chews


Taste with gratitude, elements contributing

Loving, nourishment, begins helped

Cowhide warming the cabin floor