About Us


To develop sustainable communities within the Treasure Valley that support and promote sustainable agriculture, celebrate art and artisans, and foster a sense of community.


Buy Extension (BE) will develop sustainable communities by establishing relationships with and among community organizations, local farmers, gardeners, artisans, and operating markets in the Treasure Valley through educational outreach, community engagement, and relationship development.

Core Purpose

To develop sustainable communities through advancing the understanding of, and to advocate for, sustainable agriculture, art and artisans, and a sense of community in the Treasure Valley through educational outreach, and relational development between local farmers, gardeners, and artisans to operating markets.

  • Link local farmers, gardeners and artisans to operating markets in the Treasure Valley
  • Develop collaborative partnership with nonprofits who focus on advancing sustainable agriculture and artisan empowerment
  • Share information about sustainable agriculture and art and artisans events happening in the Treasure Valley
  • Create educational and outreach programs that incorporate the importance of sustainable agriculture, art and artisans into daily conversations
  • Engage communities to explore sustainable agriculture, and the benefits that art and artisans bring to the Treasure Valley
  • Stimulate the local economy by keeping money in the Treasure Valley