Buy Extension (BE): BE More, BE Local

Buy Extension (BE) focuses on developing sustainable communities within Idaho's Treasure Valley by promoting sustainable agriculture, celebrating art and artisans, and fostering a sense of community through relational development with farmers, gardeners, artisans and local operating markets. 

BE works to develop sustainable communities through collaboration, relationship capacity building, and education. We strive to link farmers, gardeners, and artisans to businesses, nonprofits, and operating markets through educational outreach, relational meetings, community engagement (trainings, workshops, tours, programs and events), site visits, and profile development. The work that BE does provides , sustainable agriculture practitioners, artisans and business owners have more time to focus on family, and the things they value.

BE was established in 2014, and became a certified 501(C)3 nonprofit June 2015. BE is located in beautiful Boise, Idaho.